Monday, 27 July 2020

Letter to Yala indigenes

27 July 2020 

Yala LGA
Created 27th August 1991
14 political wards
25th July 2020

Dear Yala Elite and Leaders on respective fronts,

We as concerned young people, have some thoughts to share with you and we hope that you are able to help us understand the times that we are and how we can prepare for the future as we seek clarifications and justifications to the daily happenings in Cross River State, Nigeria. 

Before we begin, we thought to start with this one question to set the tone of our entire conversation and intent. "What are you doing to prepare Yala and her young people for the future?" Because if elders do not help guide young people and allow them to guide themselves which is what you are now letting happen, no one would be happy with the outcome. Take an instance with an unguided child, you see how that turns out? Now imagine this on a grand scale in the coming years, with all the feeling of neglect, rejection and marginalization.  

Here is our second question: "How are you sitting pretty and letting young people tear themselves and destroy the culture you were born into?" A culture that birthed you, fed you, clothed you and prepared you for the future and fortune you now enjoy! 

Why can't you think sustainably beyond the present? What happened to your vision? Because we see that you started up brightly.

God in Joel 2:28 sets a clear standard of operation for achievement: "Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions." -  How can the young people of Yala see the vision, if you do not pour yourself into them? How would the sons and daughters of Yala prophesy any good when all they are taught to see is the terrible way in which you are leading on your respective fronts? Who then will birth the dreams the old men dream? 

Here is one of the many lessons the death of our dear mother, sister and Leader of the North, Late Sen. Dr Rose Okoji Oko taught us: Now that our most treasured advocate is gone, who steps into her shoes to stand in the gap locally, statewide, nationally and internationally as she did for the good people of Yala? And we do not mean who becomes Senator after her but who becomes the leader of the north? Who speaks for the Yala people? Who can wield as much influence as the sweet nightingale did in her time? THE SAD PART ABOUT HER DEATH IS THAT SHE DIED WITHOUT PREPARING ANYONE TO FILL HER SHOES - SHE LEFT US EXPOSED TO THE SNARES OF THE OUTSIDE WORLD. Does this mean that she did not inspire anyone? Did she not groom anyone to shadow her? To learn from her as to continue when she no longer can? A fate that awaits us all? 

What is happening with the structure of using your light to light others as we see in other parts of the country and world? Most Yala people are quick to draw inferences from the times of the Sen. Greg Ngaji as one who groomed all the now political state actors at one point in their early career. Did all these prodigies become the unrepentant prodigals? Did they decide to destroy the bridge they used to cross so that it can only be them? Have they decided to use the ladder upon which they climbed as firewood for themselves and families instead? What are the consequences of these actions? We may be asking a lot of questions but right from our hearts we are bleeding with double valves of our blood, we have no one to run to now and peeping into the future, there is no one there.

It is painful, disheartening, worrisome indeed heartbreaking that Yala which use to be a strong political determining factor and an indispensable force to reckon with is left almost bedridden, incapacitated begging to be heard, recognized and appreciated. Alas, the pride of the North is being relegated and rapped in broad daylight and all we see our elders do is observe table manners and praise all who carry out this distasteful acts. If in 2006 Yala had a population of 211,559 (according to the National Population Commission) and by 2019 Yala had totally of 99, 863 as registered voters yet our leaders feel comfortable then we have every cause to worry.

It may be funny to let you know that Yala as a whole is in dire need of infrastructures. We can't boast of banking services in Yala (after 29 years of being a Local Government, WHAT A SHAME!) road infrastructure is deplorable and worst than we met it and, even you. 

Recalibrate your mindset to where you've had a fair opportunity to drive development to our community, what really happened at that instance? Why should we continue to be bedridden while we feel jealous of other communities and their leaders preparing them for the future which they perceived? What happened to us? DOES IT MEAN OUR LEADERS CAN NOT SNIFF LIKE DOGS TO BRIDGE  COMING ATTACKS? Please don't feel we are sounding rude, - the Bible is clear on this in Ephesians 6:4says - "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord." - We are just trying to be your children and what we see outside we want the same to be built in our lovely land - Yala. We love Yala so much that we want to help you build it. We want to remember you when you are no more. We want you to be proud afterlife that you had set a pace, a remarkable one. We want to continue to present you a posthumous award anytime anywhere. We love you and this why we are coming for you now. 

Another question begs for an answer: What are you doing to unify young people? Do you care what happens in Yala when you are no more by natural selection of course? Or do you just care for your stomach, your children, your means of transportation, your bed and how many different people sleep on it?... Do you understand what LEGACY is? Why are you so lame politically!? And Ignorantly we must say!

Here are some illustrations to consider as you continue in your unseen folly: 
Name one Yala politician who did what you are now doing and show us where they are and let us tell you where they have ended up? - Go on, we have time, we will wait, watch and learn. You can never be tired! This is the time to build your legacy and involve the youths gainfully. We should grow beyond involving the young people in thuggery and other vices that will rocket them into an unknown or future unforeseen. We should not be subject to failure and being looked at as no directional people when it comes to scaling preference in humanity.

Why can't you see the grave you are digging for yourself? You are creating your own doom, with your own hands... we can stand by and let this play out but we fear for your children as well, we know you already have them set up with bank accounts and foreign education but you know what? Life happens and it happens more often than you can imagine and if what they say about 'WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND' is true, then we owe it to ourselves to call attention to this, to give you (consequently ourselves) a chance to reconsider, redeem yourself and make right your that if you do, you earn yourself a place in the sands of time and if not, we will build it for ourselves and you would have no place in it… You can trust we will make sure of that!.

Self-evaluate yourself some more: (please do and don't get proud to self examine yourself, for 'an unexamined life is not worth living'.) Sadly, most people only realise this at death. Count yourself very lucky to have this chance while you still have life in you. 

Who do you think is the most influential Yala political leader? 
Who do you think is the most influential Civil leader? 
Who do you think is the most influential military leader?
Who do you think Yala is most grateful to have? 
Is Yala better because we have you or are you just ripping the people off as others before you have done and met their ends? 

Now, we know this letter raises more questions than it answers, this is because we are taught that the best way to learn from the elders is to ask questions. Thus we have come to ask, for we are children in search of purpose and seek to understand the cultural heritage we were born into it as we promise to defend it to death from now on!
In the waters of Yala, we were bathed. We drank from the wealth streams of the generosity of Yala. We're not tired to ask questions and even after this, we would still have the chance to ask you a question at the instance of you reading this letter. What will you be remembered for if now life seizes to exist for you? 

This letter is addressed to all Yala sons and daughters  - above the age of 40 - considered as elites and leaders of Yala.


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