Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Offiong Efanga Offiong, 14 others make list of 'most cited UNICAL scholars'

Professor Offiong Efanga Offiong 
28 July 2020

Offiong Efanga Offiong of the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) as well as fourteen other eminent Nigerian academics are among the most academically cited and referenced researchers and teachers in the University of Calabar NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively. 

Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) identified fifteen most cited UNICAL researchers, teachers and academics. The list goes thus in no particular order:
1. Offiong Efanga Offiong is a professor of Coordination/Inorganic Chemistry with 1576 citations 
2. Martin Meremikwu is a Professor of Paediatrics with 4517 citations 
3. Peter C. Okafor is a Professor of Physical and Materials Chemistry with 4200 citations 
4. Hannah B. Faal is a Professor of International Eye Health with 3518  citations 
5. Saturday J. Etuk is a Professor of Obstetrics and  Gynecology with 1630 citations 
6. Sunday W. Petters is a Professor of Geology with 2661 citations 
7. Udofot J. Ekpe is a Professor in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry with 2266 citations 
8. Benedict Ita is a Professor of Chemistry, with 1958 citations 
9. Angela E. Oyo-Ita is a Professor of Community Medicine with 1924  citations 
10. Patrick Ebong is a Professor of Biochemistry, with 2365 citations
11. Aniekan Edet is a Professor of Hydrogeology with 1895 citations 
12. Eyong U. Eyong is a Professor of Biochemistry with 1850 citations 
13. Marian G. Solomon is a Professor of Soil Microbiology with 1722 citations 
14. Eme E. Osim is a Professor of Physiology with 1616 citations and 
15. Sylvester P. Antai is a Professor of Microbiology with 1582 citations.

The University of Calabar which is a second generation Nigerian tertiary academic institution founded in 1975 and has a academic staff strength of between 3,000 and 3,499 persons is acknowledged according to a ranking as the 53rd university in the country as well as the 8, 170 worldwide. 

Being in the list of 15 most cited scholars enrols one into the category of elite scholars in the University of Calabar community. 

Recall that while NEGROIDHAVEN had reported that UNICAL has officially declared the Office of Vice Chancellor vacant https://www.negroidhaven.org/2020/05/unical-varsity-declares-seat-of-vice.html?m=1, our correspondent had garnered that Prof. Offiong has indicated interest to serve the University community in the eminent role of Vice Chancellor https://www.negroidhaven.org/2020/06/unical-vice-chancellorship-meet-offiong.html?m=1

Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their researchd articles.

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