Thursday, 16 July 2020

UN World Youth Skill Day : Young people must Think towards Entrepreneurship

16 July 2020 

Throughout my life, I have seen that having a skill is key. Without a skill young people are finished. At the moment, there is a need for young people to begin to learn a skill, trade and things that can put an extra income in their pockets. The main essence of the World Youth Skill Day is reminding us that we must do enough for our young  people through the acquisition of a skill that can assist them earn a livelihood. 

I want to see young men and women become ingenious, innovative, creative and making meaningful impact in the society. The truth is, government cannot create all the jobs we desire. And even a payable job cannot provide the life cannot make you wealthy. And so, we must begin to think towards having young entrepreneurs who can add value and create jobs. 

In the days ahead I will be bringing to the floor of the Ogoja Legislative Council on the need why we need to train our youth on having a skill. We cannot win poverty without helping young people discover their true potential in life and it is only through mentorship that we can achieve that and giving young persons a helping hand to lean on.

Being educated is not enough, but having the right knowledge, skill, and ideas that can take one out of poverty, hunger, deprivation and economic stagnation. I want to see young people keying into learning new skills in ICT like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, web design, computing, networking, and many more. The future is in technology and big data. We cannot afford to be left behind in this new world order where industrialization and technology has taken the center stage.  

The issue of unemployment as it affects women and youth breaks me. Our young people must begin to learn baking, craft, painting, and tailoring, we can have Ohimai Otafo, Seyi Vodi, Sam Lambert, Ozwald Boateng, Yomi Casual from our young people. I want to see a crop of young people striving to be the best and not idling their youthful energy. As a young Legislator, I will not rest until I ensure that we change the narrative of having young innovative people in Ogoja and Mbube. 

In the days ahead, God willing I will be carrying out a skills acquisition program to train young people in my ward on how to be self reliant and able to function without waiting for the government to provide jobs for them. 

Together, we can have the best entrepreneurs in Ogoja and Cross River State who are driven with a passion to conquer their world.  

Hon. Jane Paddy Ogon
Councillor Representing Mbube East
15 July 2020

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