Monday, 13 July 2020

Wishing Liyel Imoke a happy birthday as a Cross Riverian is hypocrisy

13 July 2020

Nigerians, particularly those of Cross River residency and indigenisation, who wished Liyel Imoke, the former governor of the state between 2007 and 2015, well have been described summarily as hypocrites NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed. 

This description is contained in the birthday message of a cross section of Cross Riverians on social media who took the time to register their displeasure on Friday 10th July 2020 the birthday of Imoke. 

For these Nigerians, the high-handedness of Imoke between 2014/2015 in single-handedly imposing the incumbent state governor, Ben Ayade, who they still has disappointed the electorates is the reason they are refraining from hypocritically wishing him well.

Simon Utsu a popular public policy analyst has this to say on Imoke's birthday, 'Wishing Liyel Imoke a happy birthday as a Cross Riverian is hypocrisy- In 2015, Imoke did all within his powers to give us Ayade -A calamity of immeasurable proportions. I also think Liyel did that to ridicule the Northern part of Cross River. Because they were a handful of better men from within and outside the ranks that he should have supported but for reasons best know to him, he imposed Ayade on Cross River.
I'm not a hypocrite so I won't wish Liyel a happy birthday. I may as well wish him as many backdated and postdated sober & sad birthdays as possible... Until of course, after he corrects this wrong in 2023. Because I believe he still holds the aces.'

Ud Ofem a known name on Cross River cyberspace towed a similar like of thought with Ustu. She said 'I had stated this on the day Facebook was awash with his birthday wishes. I was like look at hypocrites. If they celebrate Imoke why then vilify Ayade? Until he tells us that reason best known to him that made him impose Ayade on CRS, I won't join the bandwagon of hypocrites'. 

Cares Echeng Aboli said 'I knew 70% of the birthday wish are hypocrites.' while Alphonso Odo said 'Lyiel sold the state to the highiest bidder and he must get returns from his investment.'

But Martin Inyang has differed with Utsu's line of thinking in that he asked 'If Cross Riverians overwhelmingly supported Ayade (again) in 2019 with the popular mantra 'Ayade Tutukpong', I don't see any fault of Lyiel. Cross Riverians deserve the current leadership in my view, shekina!' For him the people, not Imoke, should be blamed. 

Eko Atu towing the path of Inyang above observed in pidgin 'Simon Utsu, we nau go marry wife for una, buy matteress and bed, yet una nau fit perform. Go call una village pipu make dem cleanse and pray for una oh', implying do I marry a wife for you and fetch a mattress as well...? Stressing that irrespective of how the incumbent emerged the onus was on him to demonstrate quality leadership to Nigerians. 

This is the sixth year going and Gov Ben Ayade of Cross River, in the thinking of some, has not been able to translate his industrialisation mantra into tangible reality despite a thousand and one promises in this regard. 

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