Thursday, 10 September 2020

The Governor and the Four Mangoes —by Richie Romanus

10 September 2020

One governorship seat,
One Northern Senatorial seat,
Two Federal Constituency seats.

For him and his greedy advisers, allowing one of the mangos to fall takes away the leader in him whereas, deliberately allowing it to fall is actually a winning strategy. Some of them tell the Governor they are popular, they are on ground and incharge, collecting several millions to buy cars, sleep in expensive hotels in Abuja and party all night yet couldnt deliver on the task of stopping the man they all dread until the governor had to do it himself and the hard way. 

What happened yesterday at the Northern Senatorial PDP primaries for me, are danger signs ahead of 2023 and the governor must read through the lines and readjust accordingly. Former Governor Liyel Imoke deliberately gave up Akamkpa/Biase for Rt Hon Daniel Asuquo to have his way in 2015, a seat that was exclusively reserved for Dr Emil Inyang who was serving out his term as Chairman of Biase LGA. He knew the implication of carrying so many things in his hands and picking too many fight. It didnt make him less a leader, no it didnt.

What crime has Jarigbe Agom committed that the governor cannot call him to a roundtable? Why have we deliberately allowed this feud to linger to a point where people have to die? To what end? To proof what? It has always been my opinion that the whole crises as a result of the forthcoming bye elections was an avoidable one but some people saw the crises as an opportunity to make the money the governor doesnt give them and doesnt allow them have access to. At the expense of people's lives.

Politics since time immemorial is a GIVE AND TAKE business. To gain in politics sometimes, you must be ready to loss some too.

May the souls of those who have loss their lives since this whole crises started rest in Peace.


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