Sunday, 6 September 2020

Uncle, shoot somebody from heaven... Nig lawyer urges fallen soldier turned in-law

F. Baba Isa Esq 
6 September 2020

F. Baba Isa, a popular Nigerian lawyer 2 days ago lost his uncle-in-law to the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria. He informed... Tears is flowing in my house right now as my wife's favorite uncle just got killed in a car bomb in Maiduguri. 
He is a soldier. He died in the line of duty. We heard Boko Haram attacked them, they rushed into a vehicle not knowing it was already laced with bombs... 
Boom! He is gone. The technically defeated Boko Haram has swallowed another set of soldiers in their bottomless pit of violence. 

His 8-paragraphs thread on social media about the death of this anonymous uncle-in-law whom he says is a favorite of his wife, Juliet is so touching. 

Beyond urging his late 'uncle soldier' to retaliate his gruesome death in the following grave words:
...Uncle, were you given enough bullets? Do you still have some? If you do, please shoot somebody from heaven. Forget about resting in peace for now; you can do that later;

Isa has disclosed what his real fears and wonder are:
...As I console my wife, I wonder if this country is worth the blood of these men. But I'm afraid to speak further, I'm afraid to ask questions, I'm afraid of the politics of blood and filthy lucre, I'm afraid of the sun that rise in the East and set in the West, I'm afraid of the depth of our foolishness and cowardice, I'm afraid of being a Nigerian... 

Speaking further about Nigeria, FBI as he is fondly called made this statement in part: ...we will ask him to rest in peace and we will move on pretending that our country is not a massive graveyard... We will try to stay alive to do the only thing our country has given us to do: to lose hope, daily. 

Isa would end his sorrowful comment with this command to the fallen hero —'Uncle,...  Shoot. Shoot them all!'

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