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Baby Edima & Etim Tom Akpan: Facts, Figures and Timelines on medical intervention

10 October 2020 

My name is Atim Eso, a professional Social Worker and the Executive Director of Atycare Initiative. I wish to appreciate all and sundry who made the medical intervention for Baby Edima and Mr Etim Tom Akpan successful as well as furnish the public with facts, figures and timelines of the intervention.

On the 17th of August 2020, a picture of baby Edima was sent to me by a good-hearted Dr Uche Ojie who is now at Owerri. Seeing this incident, Atycare's aim was to restore the baby and father into a state that is generally accepted by the society. Atycare Initiative as a member of Coalition of Youth Serving NGOs with thematic focus on Street Children and OVC, we immediately reported the situation to the Coalition on the 18th of August.

On the said 18th, based on the urgency of medical attention needed by Edima, as the project director of the organisation, I urgently rushed to Akpabuyo LGA to intervene in respect of  the household. While heading to the hospital, good-hearted individuals and other CSOs in the Coalition had already started donating funds for the baby Edima's hospital needs.

Baby Edima was diagnosed of malnutrition with suspicion of Tuberculosis, TB. She was admitted immediately as it was a very critical case. This was difficult for Edima's father to source for the medical needs as well as run around for her as he was suffering from Inguinal Left and Right Hernia. Atim Eso a member of Atycare Initiative was assigned to be incharge of this case for both the father and the child. To the glory of God, Edima responded to treatment massively within 2 weeks of admission based on the funds from the Coalition.

To achieve the vision of restoring this household, Atycare Initiative created a video for this case and shared it for financial support for surgery, medical bills, feeding and medication for Edima and father with friends, CSO and the general public using social media, influencers and bloggers.

On the 8th of September, Atycare Initiative went on air at Sparkling FM on the Tuesday Show with Victoria Effiong where we solicited for good-spirited Nigerians to support this household. Thanks to the glory of God as this show attracted the attention of Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare, and other individuals.

On the 18th of September 2020, Edima's went in for the left and right Inguinal Hernia surgery at Nigeria Navy Reference Hospital through the financial support from funds raised by Atycare Initiative. The surgery was served but he came out successful after 5 and a half hours.
We were able to raise the cash sum of five hundred and nineteen thousand (N519,000) and some provision from individuals, CSOs, DG PHC and Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare. Specifically, we got:
-Coalition of Youth Serving NGOs:  N193,000
-Individuals: N113,000 including provisions
-Lafarge community of friends: N100,000
-Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare: N70,000, 2 packs of Cabin biscuits, 2 medium close up toothpaste, 1 tin milk, 1 golden morn, 1 cream, 1 powder, 1 custard, 1 small tin of cerelac, 2 WaW detergent, 1 tin of bournvita, 1 cornflakes, 1 diaper, 1 roll of tissue, cotton bud, 2 bar soap and 1 bottle of locally made liquid soap
-Dr Janet Ekpenyong (DG PHC): N40,000,
2 tins of Cerelac, 1 tin and 2 sachet of milk and a pack of bottle water.

On the 7th of October, the vision was actualised as the father and child were medically fit to return to the society. They were taken home with a team from Atycare Initiative and Positive Development Foundation.

Unbehalf of Atycare Initiative, my first gratitude goes to God Almighty for His love and preservation to this household during the critical times. My heart goes to all NGOs and individuals in Coalition of Youth serving NGOs for immediate response to the case, God bless you all. I appreciate Larfarge community of friends, good-spirited Nigerians (too many to mention), DG Primary Health Care, CRS and ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare for supporting this household in the hospital.

God bless you all.

Atim Eso
ED, Atycare Initiative.
Calabar, 9th October 2020.

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