Monday, 5 October 2020

Who owns all the privately incorporated Cross River State Companies?

5 October 2020 

Let's recognise our shareholders. 

CRS Garment Factory Ltd 
▪️Otu-Obi Akatchak-Director/Shareholder
▪️Ubua Emmanuel-Director/Shareholder

CRS MegaCity Ltd
▪️A.O.Eba and co Secretary/Shareholder
▪️Ikpeme Ben Ebong-Director/Shareholder
▪️Joseph Odey Ohiero-Director/Shareholder
▪️Ministry of Finance Incorporated (mofi) represented by Joseph Odey Ohiero- Director/Shareholder

Cross River Haulage City Limited
▪️Chief Igwe John Ukagwu Esq-Director/Shareholder 
▪️Adolphus Bassey-Director/Shareholder

Cross River Microfinance Bank Ltd
▪️Chief Christopher Igbaji Monkom-Director/Shareholder
▪️Itiung Adis Innocent-Director/Shareholder
▪️Ministry of Finance Incorporated-Director/Shareholder 
▪️A.O.Eba & Co-Secretary/Shareholder

Cross River Quary Company Ltd
▪️Augustine Agba-Director/Shareholder
▪️Pius Edem Effiom-Director/Shareholder
▪️CRS Ministry of Finance(represented by Pius Edem Effiom)- Director/Shareholder
▪️A.O.Eba & Co -Secretary/Shareholder

Cross River Pharmaceutical Company Ltd
▪️Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr (representing CRS Ministry of Finance)-Director/Shareholder
▪️Inyang Udeme Asibong-(CRS Ministry of Health)
▪️Emilia Uzoamaka Okonji- Secretary/ Shareholders
▪️Pastor Dan Michael-Director/Shareholder 

Cross River Sea Ports Company Ltd
▪️Tanko Ashang-Director/Shareholder
▪️Agida Patrick Etchue (representing CRS MOFI)- Director/Shareholder
▪️Daniel Peter Ugbama-Director/Shareholder
▪️Bernard Afu Esq- Director/Shareholder

Cross River Banana Company Ltd
▪️Elder Prince Takon Mgbe- Director/Shareholder 
▪️Barr Ikpeme Erete Esuabanga-
▪️A.O.Eba & Co- Secretary/Shareholder

Cross River Toll Company Ltd
▪️Amanyime Etim-Director/Shareholder
▪️Ita Nsideti Anyammo-Director/Shareholder
▪️MOFI (represented by Agida Patrick Etchue)-Director/Stakeholder 
▪️A.O.Eba & Co-Secretary 

Cross River Farms Ltd
▪️Nitin Prahlad Mahajan-Director/Shareholder
▪️Effiong Udiba Udiba -Director/Shareholder
▪️Edwin Iwegbulam Agb- Director/Shareholder

Cross River ABG Cement Ltd
▪️CRSG -Director/Shareholder
▪️Lawrence E Alobi-Director/Shareholder
▪️Anne-fidel Ugbo-Director/Shareholder
▪️Pradeep Kapoor-Director/Shareholder
▪️Dhananjay Datar-Director/Shareholder
▪️Krishna Gopal Toshniwa-Director/Shareholder

Cross River Cocoa Co Ltd
▪️Fidelis Edor-Director/Shareholder
▪️Daniel Henshaw-Director/Shareholder
▪️A.O.Osa & Co- Director/Shareholder.

•Retrieved and collated by Richard Duke from the CAC Database

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