Saturday, 3 October 2020

Your Excellency, Reinstate Late Okan Peter into State Civil Service posthumously

3 October 2020 


Open Letter To His Excellency, Prof Ben. Ayade.

His Excellency,
Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade,
Digital Governor of Cross River State.


Your Excellency Sir, we write to you considering the gravity of the aforementioned issue, and in total deference to the unimpeachable fact that you are a leader that cares about the plight of the people and listens to the cry of the downtrodden.

I, on behalf of the entire excellent people of Obubra Local Government Area and members of NEW OBUBRA PROJECT, a coalition of Progressive Sons and daughters of Obubra, write with the deepest feeling of concern, passion and zeal, to draw your attention to the unfortunate, heartbreaking and irreparable death of Mr. Okan Peter, one of the delisted staff of Cross River State Civil Service, and to humbly appeal that you reinstate him posthumously and all benefits accrued to him paid to his next of kin.

Your Excellency Sir, it is worthy of note to stress that prior to Mr. Okan Peter's unfortunate demise on the 31st day of March 2020, he was one of the state civil servant delisted in 2019. 
Prior to his death, Mr. Okan Peter was dedicated to duties, as the sole breadwinner of his immediate family and extended family, he was assiduous, committed and dutifully productive in the discharge of his duties.

It is further noteworthy to stress that Late Mr. Peter Okan served as a Casual Staff of Cross River State Broadcasting Commission for more than 10years before his unfortunate delisting and consequently, his pitiable demise. Late Mr. Peter Okan was an energetic young fellow that gave the state his best and also died in active service to the State and Humanity. He is one of the persons yet to get their payment for the services rendered during the 2019 International Carnival.

Your Excellency Sir, in view of the recent ongoing modalities in place, aimed at reabsorbing delisted Civil Servants in the state, the members of New Obubra Project, humbly solicit that you reabsorb the deceased posthumously and all benefits accrued to him paid to his next of kin. This is pertinent and sacrosanct, owing to the fact that the unfortunate demise of Mr. Okan Peter  dealt a heavy blow on his immediate family leaving them financially and psychologically vulnerable. 

As a Governor who is passionate about ameliorating the plight of your people, we believe that reabsorbing Late Mr. Peter Okan posthumously would greatly offer respite and succour to his immediate family and also further engrave your name in the heart of Obubra People as a Loving Father and Governor.

Your Excellency Sir, Kindly accept the assurances of our utmost regards.

Richie Romanus, 
Covener, The New Obubra Project.
1st October 2020

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